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Where will you start......Start A Website Here!


Most business owners hate the thought of beginning a website project

Where do you start?  What do you need? How much will it cost?


These are the questions we hear regularly, each day from businesses who are interested and   need a website, but don't have the staff or the time to devote to a website project.  Then becoming over whelmed with the thoughts and questions don't take the need any further....they  loose potential leads their competition is acquiring--not to mention loss of building  new or  solid revenue streams.


We have put together a step-by-step process to guide our clients through a seamless process to completion.   It's really not as difficult as most lead themselves to believe.  We would like to share our step-by-step process with the public, fellow webmasters, designers and developers to show it's not as difficult as you imagined if you have a plan and a good leader!



1.       Register a domain name Ė (Usually your companiesí name) Registering the name makes it unique to your company and reserves the name, no one else can. 

(Check availability here: Check Domain Names)


2.       Your design vision? (Colors, images, navigation, page inclusions)  For assistance call.  

(We also offer custom designs - where you provide the vision or we provide you with our vision in a demo form)  


3.       Decide how many pages your site will need to best market your company. 

Example:  Introduction page, About Us, Services, Products, Contact Us, Testimonials, Links/Resources page, Photo Gallery, Site Map- (*business alliances, resources, associations, memberships)


4.       Begin gathering pictures, write ups, testimonials, tips, awards, etc., you may want to use for services, products or former completed work.  Most pictures have copyrights, be sure not to use any copied images to protect both parties rights.  We can suggest several resources to obtain images from; Big Stock Photo, or a digital camera really makes this part a snap.  We are happy to help!  Have camera will travel....


5.       Logo or company design:  Your Company will now be building a foundation to begin a visual impression for your entire business image; business cards, stationary, brochures, and website presence.  If you have a design or logo please forward it to us in any of these formats; jpeg, gif, tiff, adobe, bitmap.  If you need a design we will be happy to assist you.  This will be the branding for your company!


6.       Meta Tags - A Meta tag is a hidden tag that lives in the <HEAD> of an HTML document.  It is used to supply additional information about the HTML document.  This information (HTML) is in the code of all websites and is used by search engines for indexing and the general search process of search engines and surfers.  The search engines send spiders or robots to go out to various sites and collect this HTML and thatís the beginning of the indexing process most search engines utilize.  *We donít see this HTML or Meta tags as it is in the code or back end of a website.*


1-Basic Meta Tags;



          title - title tags are the most important -- </title>


         keywords - words that identify what the page is about, usually used in search engines
<meta name="keywords" content="HTML, HTML help, meta tags, promotion, web sites">


         description - a short description of the page
<meta name="description" content="Boost your marketing strategy with meta tags">


         author - the author's name and possibly email address
<meta name="author" content="John Smith">


         robots - to allow or disallow indexing by robots
<meta name="robots" content="noindex">


         copyright - the copyright date of the page
<meta name="copyright" content="January 2000">


We will need your assistance completing 2 of these items into the code.  You can begin thinking about what visitors would type into the search field to find your business.  This will be our primary keyword structure.  Then the description of your business Ė describe it in your best words and again try to use your keywords!


In conclusion the elements listed above should be addressed one by one, in the order they are to easily and successfully take your website design to completion.  We will guide you through each step and address all your questions and concerns.  Unlike most web designers we donít just build your site and walk away.  This is the beginning of a marketing campaign to give you the proper presence on the internet that otherwise would commit your site to a dead list or invisible presence.   We will be here for You from this point on. 



We look forward to an opportunity to build a long rewarding relationship with your company!   

Lets get startedÖ!


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